Live Tennis Trading - April 1 - Bank: $2249.43    Month 3 P/L: +$1249.43    Week 12 P/L: +$649.93
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2014 Tennis Trading Season at LTT

betfair usd1000 deposit

$1000 Betfair Deposit.

Yes, I’m finally ready to start the 2014 tennis trading season. This year I decided to increase the starting bank. You can remember that I started season 2013 with a $500 trading bank and withdrew all profits at the end of the year, around $1800 (a little over 350% ROI).

$1000 Bank
On March 7th, 2014 I deposited exactly $1,015.23 in my Betfair account. After they charged the deposit fee my bank was credited with exactly $1,000.00 as you can notice in the above print-screen!

Indian Wells 2014 was the tournament that started my 2014 tennis trading season. I have to underline, that although almost one year has past since the LTT launch, I’m still a part-time trader. Sometimes I feel that even part-time is too much said, because I still do work offline for 8 full hours and trade whenever I have some free time and can access my trading platform.

New in 2014
– I’m intending to provide trading videos this year. This will help all of you track my performance and confirm my trades.
– I will be permanently testing out new trading strategies which will focus on pure trading, as well as higher risk strategies.
– I will update the available LTT bank as well as my progress, once a week, most probably. Lack of time was a serious problem during 2013, but I plan to be better organized and manage to update this website more regularly.
– I may end-up posting several times a week, or even daily if I manage spectacular trades!

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