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$500 Bank Deposited To Start Our Tennis Trading Venture

500usd tennis trading bank

$500 Trading Bank now available in our Account.

Our tennis trading venture is ready to start. $500 have just been deposited in our Betfair account. Funds will be used for trading ATP and WTA tennis matches for profits. Our plan is to update our readers, daily, or as often as a new trade has been performed. We will print-screen for you all our trades, no matter if they are profits or losses. This way you will be permanently updated with our progress.

Once again I want to emphasize that here at we are aiming to focus on pure tennis trading and not on tennis betting. This means that we will engage in trades using indicator values such as weight of money and different graphs. We do not rely on other common trading strategies such as 0-40 or 15-40 strategies because those are gambling entry points in our point of view and do not qualify as pure tennis trading tips.

If you wish to start a similar venture you only have to register for a Betfair account, perform a credit card deposit and follow the tennis trading tips available at LTT. Whenever you have questions, or wish to share with us and our readers a little from your tennis trading experience you can contact us or comment at the bottom of every article.

Betfair balance before deposit

Our Betfair account balance before deposit.

$500 Betfair deposit confirmation

$500 Betfair deposit confirmation

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4 Responses to “$500 Bank Deposited To Start Our Tennis Trading Venture”

  1. Tennis bettor says:

    Hi Martin,

    good web site and interesting posts! I’ve been betting on tennis exclusively for about 3 years, but recently started trading on Betfair. I analyse players before the match and try to predict which way odds will move during the match itself so I can enter and close the trade at right moments, the thing is interesting to me is that you say that you use money weight and different graphs to help you trade, it would be great if you share with us some of your skills on how to make profit in certain or common cases during trade.

    Thank you anyway,

    Tennis bettor

    • The Underdog says:

      Tennis bettor: Not sure if this question is for me or for Martin, but I think it’s for me because you ask about some of my affirmations in my previous posts… Yes, I do use a few graphs while searching for good entry and exit points. I will mention them at the appropriate time. For now I am just experimenting different strategies, with the goal to find one that involves very low risk while engaging in a trade. Once I’m sure that it works on the long term I will publish it and start providing advice… however, for the moment I prefer to continue to build on the LTT bank and on my own trading experience before I start providing advice to other traders.
      Stick around as I will be surly offering more in depth analysis of my trades as soon as I find some more online time. For the moment my online time is so limited that posting on this blog is taking away from my trading time. But that should be solved soon enough. Btw, how is your progress on Betfair tennis trading?

  2. Tennis bettor says:

    Hi Underdog, sorry delaying with reply, there is some progress though I have almost lost 70% of my initial bank recently (I’m glad I had small bank):)this is because of my poor discipline, I was trading in matches that I shouldn’t so I guess it wasn’t trading at all but gambling. To be honest I made a lot of stupid mistakes these days and moreover I repeated some of them in the same way the very next day, so no wonder I have such result. Today I became smarter and stopped myself from trading in matches that I have no idea. I made some money on Schiavone vs Bartoli (I guess everybody did) but then lost half stake on Kvitova (my wife took me to street for walking and shopping so when I returned to computer it was too late, I only managed to pull out half of my stake thanks Kvitova that took it to tiebreake), Hampton did her best today and Kvitova did her worst making about 40 unforced errors, possibly this also because Kvitova heavy and a bit slow compared to Hampton on clay, it wasn’t her day anyway. I’m planning to lay Kuznetsova if she wins Kerber in the first set and same with Ivanovich, though Ivanovich may win the match if she would make less double faults and if she is in good form. Good trading with Monfils by the way, I also made some money on that match, I was also sure in his loss in the match with Robredo due to fatique, he had been playing everyday almost two weeks, and also taking into account that Robredo is a good clay player and consistent in his matches. Good luck with tomorrow’s matches!

  3. The Underdog says:

    Hi Tennis bettor: I do apologize for this late reply. I guess that it always has to be like this. A few months ago I had enough free time trade and handle a website, but right after deciding to open this website I got more offline work than ever and I am finding a hard time to keep this updated. I simply forgot to answer to your comment as I was in a hurry when you initially posted it.
    I also blew a few small banks when I started tennis trading. One great advice would be patience. Most of the success is provided by discipline. You need to avoid being greedy and not rush into trades just for the sake of trading. There are so many tournament and so many matches, you can always have another opportunity and don’t need to rush for a decision if you are not feeling confident about your entry point.
    Also try to set a fixed trading time for each day. For example if you plan to trade 2 hours, that’s what you should do. Don’t trade longer because the more tired you are the higher the chances are that you perform mistakes.

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