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Basic and Avanced Tennis Trading Setups

tennis trading setup

Advanced tennis trading setup.

Are you ready to start trading in-play tennis markets? Or you simply wish to improve your tennis trading setup to maximize your sports exchange results? If your answer is yes, it means that this article is ideal for you, as it covers a few basic and advanced tennis trading setups. I will focus on the physical setup needed for a tennis trade, including hardware, software and all others tools involved in this tennis exchange process. The technical and mental tennis trading skills will be analyzed in upcoming posts.

1. Hardware and Internet
First of all, in order to be able to trade live tennis you need a computer, notebook or any mobile device that has a good internet connection. However, for optimal results I recommend a modern computer or a state of the art laptop. I do mostly trade on a computer, because it provides the fastest speed and the best reaction times. Next, you need a fast internet connection. Basically internet speed and a modern computer go hand in hand to provide rapid tennis trading opportunities. I would suggest a high speed cable internet connection. If you use wiFi, make sure that your wiFi signal reception is maximum.

Betfair tennis exchange market

Betfair tennis exchange market.

2. Betfair Account – Tennis Trading Market
After taking care of the hardware part, you can visit and sign-up for an account on the largest tennis exchange market available at the moment. After you’ve registered and made your first deposit you can either start trading with real money, or do it first with play money. I strongly recommend you to start trading with play money, at least for a few days until you get accustomed with the entire system. Training mode is though only available via a tennis trading platform. You can read more about tennis trading platforms in step 4 of our tennis trading setup tutorial. In the mean time let me inform you about the best sports live streaming source.

bet365 live streaming service

Bet365 live streaming service.

3. Bet365 Account – Live Tennis Streams
To be most efficient in a tennis exchange market you have to trade with live pictures. I’m not saying that you can’t green-up if you trade only by following the live scores, however can you trust placing orders of thousands of Dollars without actually seeing the players in action? I can’t. Tennis is both a physical and mental sport. An experienced trader will learn to read players reactions on court, asses their stamina and much more. For me trading tennis with live pictures is essential if you wish to use large stakes and be successful at it. More, you will notice that TV broadcast and most online live score websites are showing tennis results with a crucial delay of a few seconds, due to various technical factors. To keep the pace with the market I strongly recommend you opening and account with Their live score service is the best available online. If you place a minor deposit of around $10 you will also gain access to their live stream service, which covers all sports including tennis. Their tennis feeds are the closest to reality that you can get. The tennis live stream service is used by all professional tennis traders.

Bet Angel Trading Platform

Bet Angel Trading Platform

4. BetAngel Software – Tennis Trading Platform
In order to efficiently back and lay in a live tennis exchange market, you need to use a tennis trading platform that has high refresh rate. This helps you to have access to the best available odds, at any given moment. More, tennis trading software also have numerous tool that help you to perform trades at very high speed without manually calculating the hedge amount, or event placing the hedge order. For example a function called “Tick Offset” will automatically close any position that you open after the market swings a pre-determined number of ticks in your direction. While doing this it also hedges the trade for you so that you can be in and out and hedged from a trade within 8 seconds, if the market moves immediately after you place the lay bet. The most popular tennis trading platform is available at I will discuss more about its tools in an upcoming material.

tennis trading setup

Tennis trading setup.

5. DeskPins Software
If you trade tennis in-play with the help of live streams you will soon notice that it’s quite uncomfortable to switch between tabs from the stream window to the trading platform and vice versa. To solve this issue you have two options. You either use a second hardware device and have the feed on one device and the trading platform on the other. Or, the more simple one you download for free DeskPins or any other similar software that will help you pin the stream window in a corner of your monitor. I usually place it in the top right one. This helps you to have the traded tennis match under observation no matter were you navigate, or what other tabs you open.

Implementing all steps from 1 to 5 assures that you use a professional trading tennis setup. Now you only need to gain experience and refine your trading skills in order to have success. Of course, that you can also start trading with the most basic setup if you use complete steps 1 and 2 from the above tutorial. However, that will result in rudimentary trading and it’s something that I don’t recommend. Good luck and stay tuned for updates!

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