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Berdych vs Monfils First Trade of Roland Garros 2013

berdych vs monfils roland garros trade

Tomas Berdych vs Gael Monfils Roland Garros 2013 trade.

The French Open is underway and I just managed to sneak in an complete a profitable trade. I will try to do this every now and then, whenever I can snatch and opportunity. When I’m not at my desk I watch Roland Garros live online, on the move, but I do not like to trade from mobile devices. Not at this moment though. live streaming is not available for Roland Garros 2013. You can use the link available above for live streaming. Do note though that sometimes the delay is considerable.

I did not plan to trade Berdych vs Monfils it just happened that this match was on while I logged in. I watched the first few games and saw that Monfils is providing good resistance. I also had a feeling when I saw this match-up that a lay on Berdych at the start of the match is recommended.

To be extra cautious I took the pulse of the match and once my prediction was confirmed I went for a Berdych lay at around 1.30 immediately after he won his 2nd service game. I closed the trade a few games later when everyone was convinced that Monfils is ready for a big match and odds for the Czech drifted. Honestly, I would have let this trade run for more time if I had time, as I expect Gael to win the opening set. But I need to run. So I closed that trade with a back at around 1.45 and will get around $93 profit when this match ends.

Did anyone manage to trade Nadal vs Brands today? What a shocking match! Rafa lost the opening set today and almost went down 0-2 after trailing 0-3 in the 2nd set tiebreak. He then turned the match around and won in 4 sets. A pity that I wasn’t online.

Update: Monfils won the opening set 7-6.

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