Live Tennis Trading - April 1 - Bank: $2249.43    Month 3 P/L: +$1249.43    Week 12 P/L: +$649.93
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Miami Masters Trading Profit/Loss

All 50 Betfair tennis markets traded during Miami 2014. I’m late again with updating the website! Sorry for that. The 2014 Miami Masters has ended last weekend. You can check the LTT trading performance in the above Youtube video. I’ve improved nicely and greened-up for almost $650 during this 2nd Masters Series event of the […]

What’s The Best Tennis Trading Strategy?

If you’re new to tennis trading this is perhaps one of the first questions that you would ask yourself, after you notice that laying and backing randomly is not a profitable solution. As a rule of thumb a profitable tennis trading strategy would be one that returns a higher percentage of winning trades compared to […]

How To Detect Momentum Change During Tennis Matches

An experienced tennis trader’s most successful odds exchanges are accomplished whenever he can detect and anticipate a momentum change. This way he will be able to predict the swing of the market, right before it happens and thus open a position before the odds start to move the other way around. Whenever a trader feels […]

What is Tennis Trading?

Tennis trading is on the rise at the moment and I’m writing this article in order to explain to all newcomers what the tennis exchange is all about. All of us must have already heard about Forex, Wallstreet or Stock Market trading, before finding out about tennis exchange. If Forex is using currencies for selling […]