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Del Potro vs Isner Washington Final Trade

del potro vs isner trade

Del Potro vs Isner Washington Final trade.

This is a trade that I made on Sunday evening, but manage only now to find some time and publish it over here. It’s not a trade that I am really proud of, because I did not stick to one of my main strategies, which is open and close trading position as fast as I can. I do not like it when I lay or back a player and then I have to leave the trade open for a longer time and this makes me uncomfortable as there is to much gambling involved. With tennis trading I want to exclude the gambling factor as much as possible.

My initial plan for this Citi Open Final was to scalp serves as this was obviously a match-up between two huge servers. So I waited for the opening serves of both players to see how safe it is to apply this strategy. I already had some expectations based on the stats an the way the two players progressed to the Final that Del Potro was going to lift the title. Isner was not playing Anderson this time, and he only just defeated the South African in Atlanta. Del Potro is from another league though.

However, Isner got the early break and as he hold his server to go to a 4-2 lead I decided to lay the American, who had a great start of the match, especially because Del Potro had trouble in reading his serve. But big servers such as Isner always risk to get in trouble as the match goes on and their opponent has time to improve his returns. I layed Isner right away because I was afraid that the Argentine would break back before the end of the set and I could lose this opportunity.

The risk was that I had to leave the trading position open for at least a few games and this is usually not something that I fancy. The local hero grabbed the first set 6-3 and my position remained open. Pressure was diminishing though as it was obvious that Del Potro was starting to get around Isner’s serve. He won the 2nd set 6-2 and I closed a part of my stake by backing him. I could have left the rest open until the end but I did hedge during the 3rd set and got a nice trade, which I consider more a gamble and less a trade.

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