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Djokovic vs Del Potro Wimbledon Semifinal

djokovic vs del potro wimbledon trade

Djokovic vs Del Potro Wimbledon trade.

Not many gave Del Potro a chance against Novak Djokovic last Friday. The Argentine seemed to have an injured knee, while the World No. 1 wasn’t really tested until this stage of the tournament. A straight sets win for Djokovic was highly possible and thus diminished trading opportunities where expected on the horizon. But Del Potro played yet another huge match and showed that he is always able to raise his game during important clashes. It’s a pity that he couldn’t add even a little more drama in the deciding set and push it into extra time.

I managed to green-up several times during this semi, summing-up a great $192 profit. Most of it was from scalping Del Potro’s serve. Astonishing is also the total traded amount on this market which hit $70 million by the time the match was over. I did the print-screen when Djokovic was serving for the match but, that game was tight too and more drama unfolded as Del Potro obtained a re-break point before allowing Nole to serve out the win, 7-5, 4-6 7-6 6-7 6-3.

I am pretty sure that we will witness Del Potro winning another Grand Slam anytime soon. Why not his favorite one, the US Open? But we still have a lot of tournaments before the last Slam of the season and I will be around to trade them. Hopefully, more often as in the last few months. Good luck to everyone!

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