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Haas vs Monfils $174 Gerry Weber Open Trade

haas vs monfils gerry weber open trade

Tommy Haas vs Gael Monfils Gerry Weber Open trade.

Scalping the serve is a good tennis trading technique when it comes to match-ups such as Haas vs Monfils or any other combination that involves two opponents with powerful serves. The later stages of the tournament also bring-up increased tension and players are primarily focusing on holding their serve, especially in the opening set. When you feel that you have such a scenario unfolding in front of your eyes you can only start profiting from it.

Tommy Haas is know as a player that is strongly relying on his serve. And his serve worked great in Miami, and even during the clay court season. With grass being an ideal surface for his type of play, one could only expect that the German will perform great in Halle. When you also take into account that he is the defending champion clashing against a reinvigorated Monfils you can only have one outcome: showtime!

haas vs monfils price-volume

Haas vs Monfils Price/Volume Graph.

Both Haas and Monfils started this match with comfortable service games and it was pretty obvious that the set will end-up in extra time. So I pretty much scalped the serve of both players during the opening set and summed up a nice profit. You can check the Price/Volume over time graph available in the nearby image and see how odds fluctuated in the same pattern as both players where holding their serves. I usually do not do this but I had a strange feeling that Monfils would win this set and during the tiebreak I risked some of my already collected profit to lay Haas at the start of the breaker. It paid out and I backed Haas again to close the position and hedge for some nice profits. During the 2nd set I stopped scalping the 1st game as I feared an immediate Haas break. When it did not come I also waited for Haas to serve it out. He did it and they seemed likely to continue like this. I continued scalping but with considerable lower stakes as I already had a nice profit for this session. I admit that I was still greedy continuing to scalp after 3-3 and should have accepted a +$200 profit, but fortunately I managed to cut losses in time and settled for a great $174 green-up!

The match was eventually won by Haas 6-7, 6-3, 6-3. The German lost the Semis to Roger Federer who won the Final against Mikhail Youzhny. Sadly I wasn’t online to trade those matches. Hopefully you guys profited!

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2 Responses to “Haas vs Monfils $174 Gerry Weber Open Trade”

  1. Peter says:

    What stake do you use for scalping? do you cut your loss after one point against you?

  2. The Underdog says:

    @Peter: Thanks for the comment. I use different stakes while scalping depending on the player that I scalp (how much confidence I have in him), on the moment of the match when the scalp is made (bigger stakes in the opening set).
    I always scalp in stages. This means that I open position with a predetermined stake when game starts and gradually close it after each point no matter if it goes the green way or the red way. I do have some exceptions, for example if the there is a very long rally (lost by the server) and I feel that the server is tired and could miss his first serve and also lose the next point, I trade out faster. The same is applied the other way around if the server wins a strong rally and his moral is up I might anticipate that he will win the next point and skip a stage from the position closing ladder.

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