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Hanescu vs Bedene ATP Kitzbuhel Trade

bedene vs hanescu trade

Bedene vs Hanescu ATP Kitzbuhel trade.

I performed a nice trade this morning, during the opening Round of the ATP 250 Kitzbuhel tournament. This is the only ATP event unfolding in Europe this week, with the tournaments shifting to the US as the preparation for the last Grand Slam of the season intensify.
Victor Hanescu has shown some good form over the past few weeks. He loves clay court and the combination of clay and high altitude courts are suiting him best. The tall Romanian, reached the semis of last week’s ATP Gstaad and was up against Slovenian, Aljaz Bedene. Victor’s odds drifted almost 10 ticks until the market wen’t in play and at starting odds of 1.78. I couldn’t miss this and backed him from the start, especially when I saw that he is 1st to serve.

I kept the position open, the break followed and I decided to let the trade run until he grabs the opening set, if nothing unexpected would unfold. The Romanian broke again to close the set and he was up first to serve again in the 2nd. I layed to close a part of my position and let the remaining stake running. It was pretty obvious that Victor would win the game so I preferred not to hedged this time around. If the unexpected would have happened I still had a $20 profit on Bedene. Things wen’t according to plan and I got the bigger side of the green at $54.

However, you will see that this is not a habit. I mostly hedge completely because a tennis game is very unpredictable, but sometimes I have that feeling of, “it’s impossible for him to lose this one”, unless he gets an injury and decide to go for the big chunk.

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