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Isner vs Anderson ATP Atlanta Final Trading

isner vs anderson trade

Isner vs Anderson ATP Atlanta trade.

I ended Week #30 of the 2013 tennis season with a winning trade on Sunday night, for me, as I am living in Europe. I had some free time and thought that this Final match-up is ideal for scalping serves. Two big servers colliding for the first American ATP hard court title of this second part of the season. John Isner and Kevin Anderson where priced very close at the start of the match, with the American considered slight favorite. I performed several service scalping trades, whenever I thought that breaks where most unlikely to occur and it paid out.

Isner eventually won the Final, although the better player seemed to be Anderson. However, the American played the important points better and had his clutch on during the numerous break points that he faced. He saved several service games from 0-40 and 15-40 down and even two match points in the second set at 30-40 and advantage Anderson, to send the match to a third and decisive tiebreaker. The South African accused the mental shocks he suffered from failing to convert all those opportunities and surrendered the match after more than two and a half hours of play.

isner vs anderson odds graphic

Isner vs Anderson odds graphic.

One interesting market behavior that I would like to mention, for this type of balanced matches, on fast courts, between two big servers, is the way the market reacts when break points occur. We all know that the later a break point occurs in a balanced match, especially the deciding set the bigger the odds will shift. However, in this case when breaks are considered very hard to obtain, Isner’s odds drifted by 70 ticks in the opening set as he wen’t 15-40 down in his 5th service game. You can check that swing in the odds graph provided nearby. However, Anderson missed those set points, as he missed all 11 break points that he had in the match. Kevin wen’t on to win the 1st though 7-6[3] and continued to dominate the match. However, by the time he dropped the 2nd set tiebreaker and blew a 40-0 lead on Isner’s serve one had to think that he will eventually be punished. After missing the 2 match points at 6-5 in the deciding set, I was pretty sure that Isner would lift the trophy.

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