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Lisicki vs Radwanska Wimbledon 2013 Trade

lisicki vs radwanska wimbledon trade

Lisicki vs Radwanska Wimbledon 2013 Trade.

Trading Wimbledon 2013 was yet another mission impossible for me. After finding time to trade a single match during the French Open I only managed to find some trading time during the later stages at SW19. That might be a good sign though, considering all the major upsets occurring during the first week of the tournament. However, if good returns continue to fly in I’m considering on going for full time tennis trading. However, that won’t happen this year though as I still feel that I need a little more practice in order to afford dedicating all my time towards greening-up.

Let’s get back to Wimbledon though. Sabine Lisicki and Agnieszka Radwanska clashed for a place in Wimbledon’s Final. It was the 2nd Ladies’ Singles Semifinal of the day played on Centre Court and Marion Bartoli had already grabbed the first ticket for Saturday’s main event. Lisicki had a strong tournament defeating the likes of Samantha Stosur and the top seed, Serena Williams. Radwanska on the other side, had the posture of a 2012 Finalist aiming to grab the trophy one year later.

lisicki vs radwanska wimbledon odds graph

Lisicki vs Radwanska Wimbledon odds graph.

These where perfect ingredients for a balanced match with lots of twists and turns. The German player won the opening set, but Radwanska leveled the score and wen’t up 3-0 in the decider with one break of serve. It’s the moment when Lisicki’s odds drifted to around 6.8. But Sabine managed to bounce back and the semifinal became thrilling, testing the nerves of both players and providing lots of trading opportunities. The $95 profits where obtained after completing several trades. I managed to green-up the highest at $115, but still played a little with the profits to see if there will be one more twist in the match and had to hedge lower at the end though. This match had a lot of trading potential, I do have to note though that I was at the computer only from mid second set, so I guess that there are a lot of you guys that traded much bigger green numbers. ;)

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