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Miami Masters Trading Profit/Loss

All 50 Betfair tennis markets traded during Miami 2014.

I’m late again with updating the website! Sorry for that. The 2014 Miami Masters has ended last weekend. You can check the LTT trading performance in the above Youtube video. I’ve improved nicely and greened-up for almost $650 during this 2nd Masters Series event of the season!

As you can notice in the vid I’ve traded exactly 50 Betfair tennis markets from both ATP and WTA matches. What I’m proud of is that I managed 30 back-to-back green markets. I always tend to perform best in the opening stages of a tournament.

You can see that my only 3 losing trades occurred during the last days of the tournament. It’s true that the 3 losses where substantial but what’s important is that the total profit/loss for the tournament is an impressive $650 considering that my trading balance going in to the Miami Masters was around $1300.

You can check the outcome of all 50 markets traded. Most of the profits where obtained from scalping and very low risk trading. There where only 4 circumstances when I went on high risk mode and of course, it did not pay out, because 3 markets ended up with significant losses!

Isner vs Almagro
The first one was the Isner v Almagro market. After doing some nice scalping early on. Isner asked for stomach pills in the 2nd set and provided several grimaces. I gambled and assumed that he would crack and Almagro would at least force a break if not a deciding set. But my risky strategy did not pay off and the Spaniard couldn’t seize the opportunity. Big red on this one!

Federer vs Nishikori
This wasn’t even a tennis trade. I simply couldn’t imagine that Roger could be kicked out of the event by the Japanes, who had a very long match with Ferrer the previous round. Fedex did play great until the QuarterFinal stage and he seems poised to meet Nole in the semis. So I simply backed the Swiss Maestro $200 at 1.20 and went to sleep. Imagine what a great wake-up I had the next morning. Don’t repeat my mistakes! ;)

Nadal vs Raonic
This was the single high risk trade that ended-up green for me. Nadal looked solid this tournament and I sensed that Raonic’s serve would begin to crack as match wen’t on. Luckily it did and this is why the profits for this match are over $200.

Nadal vs Djokovic
This market was the last one of the tournament and the 3rd reed one for me. It’s the biggest loss suffered during Miami Masters, one that diminished my Profit/Loss for the tournament from over $1000 to $650. This negative result was caused by sentimental trading and over-confidence. Knowing that I was up by more than 1k until this final stage of the tournament I made the costly mistake of adopting high risk trading for this encounter. It did not pay-off and I have to accept that I am still a long way away from being a disciplined trader!

Here is a list of rules that need to be added to the disciplined trader’s rules of conduct:
if you manage a series of green low risk trades, stick to this strategy!
never trade when you’re tired, because you’ll end up exposing yourself to bigger risks for quick profits!
don’t allow overconfidence to mess up with your discipline!
avoid sentimental trading!

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