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Montanes vs Hanescu Roller Coaster Trade

montanes vs hanescu trade

Montanes vs Hanescu Roller Coaster Trade.

I picked another Hanescu game for trading today, but the ride wasn’t to smooth this time and I almost got a red outcome on Betfair’s exchange market. However, this is another example of how you can profit with tennis trading even when the outcome of the match is not the one that you’ve expected. In my opinion a true tennis trader should never predict the outcome of a traded match and be able to trade for profits no matter which player will win the game. But let me explain what happened this morning.

I checked the odds a few hours before the game and saw that Hanescu was priced as slight favorite around 1.80 trading at the drifting resistance point. It was exactly the same situation that I encountered Tuesday morning when I checked him against Bedene. I remembered that his odds drifted strongly in the last hour or so until the market wen’t in play. Today as I saw the opportunity for the same pattern to occur I immediately layed the Romanian at the price of 1.81.

montanes vs hanescu pre-match odds evolution

Montanes vs Hanescu pre-match odds evolution

I expected his odds to drift again, because one day before, the market did not trust his favorite status against Bedene and was pretty much sure that nowas he was about to face 7th seed Montanes, traders should have acted the same. And they did, as you can notice in the graph provided nearby. Minutes before the start of the match I closed my position and backed Victor for a nice green-up at 1.93. That’s 12 ticks to the goods for me. I did stay on to follow the match although there where no live pictures available, and trading without live pics makes the situation less comfortable for me.

It turned out to be a Roller Coaster match. Both players started the match holding their serves. Hanescu saw the first break chance but failed to convert. Next he encountered his own service problems, but the set was decided at the tiebraker. I scalped a few serves and gathered some nice profit by the end of the first set. I did not trade during the breaker, but decided to jump in right before the first game of the second set. Hanescu was serving first this time and I was expecting him at least to hold his game for the first few games, if not break at the start of the set and grab it in a hurry. However, this did not happen. Montanes broke for 1-0 and hold for 2-0. By this time I was afraid of him running away with the match. I waited for Hanescu to win his next service game and closed my trade which by now had turned from green to red. And guess what, Victor broke back immediately and then rallied to win the set 6-3. It was one of those frustration moments that you get as a tennis trader.

Experience has taught me to back-off when a situation like this occurs and leave the deciding set untraded or I would risk to enhance the red figure, next to my trade. I couldn’t abstain myself though, proceeded with high caution and managed to scalp a few serves to get back in the green zone of $12. Montanes broke again Hanescu’s first service game of the set, but I wasn’t backing the tall Romanian this time around. However, he recovered again and the two wen’t head to head for a deciding breaker won by the Spaniard 7-6[5].

Once again trading proved itself far more efficient than betting, because on a tennis exchange market you can work your way to profits event if they match doesn’t end-up the way you initially anticipated. Although I layed Hanescu before the start of the match and profited by riding the trend of the market, deep down I felt that Victor would end-up winning this match. I have been proved wrong but still manged to end-up on the green side of things

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