Live Tennis Trading - April 1 - Bank: $2249.43    Month 3 P/L: +$1249.43    Week 12 P/L: +$649.93
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Pavlyuchenkova vs Vesnina Green-up for $40

$60 Trading Profit May 2

$60 trading profit on May 2.

Another positive day at the office after summing-up a profit of around $60. I managed to trade 8 matches today and 7 of them turned-up green. Bank has now risen to $607.24 and I am confident that there is still enough room for growth this week. However, a busy weekend lies ahead and I am not sure how much online time I can squeeze in.

If you check the print-screen share in this post you can notice a red Puig vs Suarez Navarro trade. Yep, that’s a classic example of failing to cut the losses short. Obviously there is no perfect trading strategy. No matter how much I trust my readings I am always aware that a trade going the wrong way can occur. It’s mind-boggling though how hard it is to scratch that trade for a small loss and start from scrap.

On the other side of the coin you can also notice that Pavlyuchenkova vs Vesnina has become the most profitable match traded since the launch of LTT. It was yet another crazy WTA match with a lot of twists and turns that provided a profit of $40. It seems that we are just one more step away from 3 figure traded matches. I do ask for a little patience though before this next accomplishment.

However, I’m satisfied that I could spot other opportunities and make today my most profitable day so far during the venture. I need to continue to build experience and confidence as we are only a couple of weeks away from the 2nd major tennis event of the season, the Roland Garros Grand Slam!

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