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Verdasco vs Dodig US Open Round 1Trade

verdasco vs dodig trade

Verdasco vs Dodig US Open trade.

The 2013 US Open is underway since Monday and I finally can get a window for my first post about in-play tennis trading at Flushing Meadows. There are lot of matches and opportunities to trade on, during these early stages of the Championships. The best one which seemed available caught my attention when Verdasco went 2 sets down against Dodig. The Spaniard was clear favorite to win the encounter, especially after a good summer and a great Wimbledon appearance, so I sensed the high possibility of a momentum change.

I decided to open a position in the third set with a medium lay on Dodig and things went my way. I was on the move and did not trade via a trading platform, had to do it directly via the Betfair site. I rule out scalping when I am not at my computer or notebook. Anyway, let’s get back to this trade. Fernando won the 3rd set and I built my lay, buying additional odds, sensing that this match will go the distance.

The 4th set was close and Dodig almost closed the match. However, Verdasco pushed it into a decider and by this time I arrived at my office for some live tennis streams via Bet365. I noticed that players where hold-up by a minor rain delay. They remained on court for a few good minutes until the deciding set was started. It was a good sign that momentum could shift again. I was over $100 on the green side of the trade so decided to close about 80% of the trade. It was a wise move. Dodig broke in the opening stages of the decider and closed the match 6-3, 7-5, 1-6, 4-6, 6-3.

williams vs schiavone us open trade

Williams vs Schiavone US Open trade.

It was a great start for my 2013 US Open trading venture and feeling pumped-up I decided to go for another tennis exchange. I switched towards the defending Champion Serena Williams, taking on Italian veteran, Francesca Schiavone. I anticipated that Schiavone would display some resistance and drift Serena’s 1.03 odds. A lay of $700, pose a liability of around $21 so I opened a position with the intention of closing it a few ticks higher.

serena williams vs francesca schiavone odds graph

Serena Williams vs Francesca Schiavone odds graph.

However, Serena played superbly and gave the Italian no chance. Francesca tried her best, but was simply outplayed by the World No. 1. I did not even have the chance to cut my losses and couldn’t match my back bet at 1.01. Take a look at the odds graph, listed nearby, and you will see how one-sided this encounter was. There was nothing that I can do to avoid this $21 red trade…. oh yes it was, I should have stayed out of this match-up in the first place! But I guess you need these red outcomes to gain experience. A little said though that this trade ended a long run of back-to-back successful tennis trades, which started in May. I do admit though that I did not trade very much due to lack of time. I try this to play as safe as possible and creating this blog has really helped me out to improve my trading, as I know that my performance is displayed publicly and can be judged by everyone. I am selecting entry points much more carefully and jumping in only when I know that success rate is very high. I admit that I broke those guidelines during the Williams vs Schiavone exchange.

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4 Responses to “Verdasco vs Dodig US Open Round 1Trade”

  1. DonJon says:


    Could you please provide monthly P&L statements, it would be interesting to see what your long term performance is. In addition, it would be useful if you could elaborate on your trading strategy rather than just posting the results. At this point I don’t see how your strategy differs from mere gambling. Best of luck tho.


    • The Underdog says:

      Thanks for the comment. Well for the moment I’m not selling anything so I do not waste to much time in order to provide P&L statements. I do provide the outcome of the trades.
      In terms of trading strategies I’m both using the popular ones like “scalping the serve”, however I adjust them to my own set of rules, in order to decide which game is worth to scalp and when is the optimal moment for it.
      On the other side I’ m also testing a fresh trading strategy, but I won’t present it until I experiment it for at least 1 year to know exactly how reliable the results are.

  2. LUkasz says:

    Nice and interesting blog, for sure I will read follow it :)

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