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Vesnina vs Vinci 2013 Rome Masters Trade

vesnina vs vinci rome masters trade

Elena Vesnina vs Roberta Vinci Rome Masters trade!

Vesnina vs Vinci is one of the first successful trades that I managed to complete last week during the 2013 Rome Masters. This was a very balanced first round match that provided numerous trading opportunities. When a match has lots of swings of momentum it’s called an ideal match to trade because in provides plenty profitable entry and exit points.

Elena Vesnina managed to win a very balanced opening set tiebreak but Vinci is that type of player that fights until the last ball of the game and most often fights with success. Adding the fact that she was playing in front of her home crowd it was more than likely that she was going to turn this match around and at least push it into a deciding set… and this is what she did. Roberta won 7-5 the second act of the game.

Odds where in favor of Vinci when we entered to the decider. However, I tried to pull more out of this match than it was available and did not manage to hedge perfectly. I did managed to grab a $106 profit by the time Vinci won the 3rd set 6-4 and closed this match.

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