Live Tennis Trading - April 1 - Bank: $2249.43    Month 3 P/L: +$1249.43    Week 12 P/L: +$649.93
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Wicked Tuesday With 12 Matches Traded

April 30 trading Profit/Loss

Profit/Loss Tennis Trading History for April 30.

Day started horrible as I was trading without back-up and lost internet connection long enough to suffer a huge $100 loss during the Marion Bartoli vs Shuai Penq match. However, I do not want to find excuses for these losses and this is why I won’t insist on this subject.

A lot of matches where available for trading today, featured during the ATP Munich tournament and the ATP/WTA Portugal Open. I’ve done 12 trades in total for the day. Not sure if I mentioned this before but I am currently trading only part-time. So, all the trades commented here at is what I can engage in during my free time. If you consider that I miss out on some opportunities this is highly possible because I am not the entire day near a computer.

But, let’s get back to my trading results. If you check the print-screen provided at the top of this post you can see that 11 out of the 12 traded matches where profitable. However, the single and unexpected loss was high enough to make this wicked Tuesday a red one. Month (only the last 4 days where traded as we started our LTT venture on April 26) ends with a -$4.48 loss. Bank is now counting -$495.41 at the start of May. Stay tuned!

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